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Company general introduction-INTEGRITY


Various CNC system control

​The machine tools are controlled by a variety of CNC system from which customers can select whatever they want.

Ball screw and guide rail

The feed movement is realized ball screw and slide guide.

AC variable frequency speed regulation is adopted

Adopts AC frequency-converter to shift the speed of the spindle motor.

Manual or hydraulic operation is optional.

Adopts collet chucks to clamp work-piece and it is the customer’s discretion to select manual or hydraulic operation.

Product information
Item Unit Specfication Remarks
Max. swing over bed mm 800  
Max. swing over slide mm 520  
Bed width mm 600  
Center distance mm 1500/3000  
Effective processing length(chuck to point) mm 1250/2750  
Max. cutting diameter Disc mm 630/800  
Axis mm 350/520  
Travel of X axis mm 420  
Travel of Z axis mm 1500/3000  
X/Z Rapid feed speed m/min 4/8  
Spindle speed steps   Automatic change 3-step  
Spindle speed range rpm/min Low:11.25~112.5;Middle:31~310;High:125~1250 For spindle through hole Ø130,Max. speed is 800 rpm
Spindle nose type type A2-11  
Spindle through hole mm Ø104/Ø130  
Spindle front bearing inner diameter mm Ø160/ Ø170  
Spindle inner hole taper   1:20  
Manual chuck(through hole) mm Ø315(Ø 100) / Ø400(Ø 130)  
Hydraulic chuck (through hole) mm Ø304(Ø91)/ Ø381(Ø117.5) 12’ /15’/3-jaw through-hole power chuck
Main motor power kw 11/15  
Electric tool post type 4/6  
Tool cross section mm 32x32  
Tailstock quill diameter/travel mm Ø100/250  
Tailstock quill taper type MT-#5