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     Item Unit GMC1525 GMC2040
Machining range Width of table mm 1500 2000
Length of table mm 2500 4000
Max. Load of table kg 6000 12000
Effective width of gantry mm 1750 2600
Max. Height of the gantry mm 1150 1200
Distance between vertical spindle to table surface mm 150~1150 200~1200
Table travel Max. Travel of X/Y/Z mm 2700/1700/1000 4200/2500/1000
Spindle Item   Standard    (First grade synchronous belt)/Optional(With ZF gear box)
Motor power kW 18.5/22
Speed range rpm 10-3200
Rated torque/Max. torque N.m 212/252
Max. broach N 18000
Table system(X) Structure type   Table movement
Transmission form    Arc tooth belt
Reduction ratio   1:03
Drive unit   Ball screw pair (R63-20K5-FDC)
Saddle system(Y) Structure type   Saddle movement
Guideway type   Heavy linear guide rail pair (RGW55)
Rapid feed speed X/Y/Z mm/min 12000/12000/8000
Cutting feed speed range X、Y mm/min 1-4000
Z mm/min 1-2000
Positioning accuracy of linear axis X/Y/Z (Half closed-loop control) mm 0.03/0.025/0.022 0.035/0.03/0.022
Repeat Positioning accuracy of linear axis X/Y/Z (Half closed-loop control) mm 0.015/0.014/0.012 0.018/0.015/0.012
Working accuracy Fine boring surface roughness   ≤Ra1.6 (HB230~260 Steel )
Fine milling surface roughness   ≤Ra3.2 (HB230~260 Steel )
Tool change system Taper   BT50
Tool magazine   arm type tool magazine with 24 tools
Overall dimension Length mm 8260 11120
Width mm 4300 5300
Height mm 4700 4800
Machine weight (about) kg 25000 48000